Platonic Solids This is an animated GIF banner of spinning shapes.

Platonic Solid Rock


Platonic Solid Rock This is the artwork from the DVD cover.


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Why buy the DVD when you can watch it for free on TeacherTube?


animated spinning tetrahedronYou can play it on any system that has a DVD player.


animated spinning tetra-tetra starYou will enjoy the better sound and video quality.


animated spinning cubeYou can use custom menus to jump to specific topics for classroom instruction.


animated spinning cube-octa starYou will have greater control for pausing and playing back in slow motion.


animated spinning octahedronYou can take it with you to places that have no Internet.


animated spinning icosahedronYou will be supporting an entrepreneur to do more creative educational work.


animated spinning icosa-dodeca starYou can enhance the look of your video collection with the beautifully printed package.


animated spinning dodecahedronYou will have to think of the last reason so I can show off another animated GIF.



Platonic Solid Rock This is the artwork printed on the DVD.


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NTSC version for American and Canadian DVD players

PAL version for European and Asian DVD players



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