Platonic Solids This is an animated GIF banner of spinning shapes.


3rdDimensionOnline:  polyhedral art for sale: clothing, cards, etc.

Rudiger Appell:  some very nice animated GIFs

Helmer Aslaksen:  great photos and links for polyhedral model building

Dr. B's Science Basics:  high-quality ball and stick wooden polyhedral models

Ellin Beltz:  templates, statistics, and links about the Platonic solids

Blaze Labs:  one of the more interesting sites on the Platonic solids including historical and philosophical aspects

Alexander Bogomolny, Cut-The-Knot, Regular Polyhedra: a well organized site designed for teachers

Paul Bourke:  lots of statistics on Platonic solids

Jill Britton: an extensive list of resources and activities

Convex Polyhedra 1: Some nice explanations of the mathematics of polyhedra with nice graphics.

Robert Dawson:  some models that nicely show the relationship between the icosahedron and the golden rectange  information and templates for making paper models  This link is to some exceptionally nice folding patterns but the site contains all kinds of good information.

George W. Hart:  good coverage of dual pairs

Vi Hart: a wonderfully creative and imaginative presentation of recreational mathematics

Ron Knott:  relates the Platonic solids to the golden section, phi  extensive information about the Platonic solids  information, interactive models, and instructions for make paper polyhedra  interactive applet shows how nets fold together to build Platonic solids

National Library of Virtual Manipulative:  includes interactive duals and slices of Platonic solids

Pedagoguery Software: They make interactive polyhedral software and a nice poster.

Polydron is a nice snap-together plastic construction kit for building polyhedra.

RND Modelshop-Geometrics: Ron Nelson makes and sells exquisite handcrafted wooden models of goemetric solids.

Science U:  a very nice collection of interactive applets

Gian Marco Todesco: an applet that allows you to inscribe platonic solids inside eachother

Uncle Dan's Octa-Tetra Construction Set is a very nice folded-paper kit for building oct-tet truss models.

The University of California: Prof. John Baez:  explains extension of Platonic solids into four and higher dimensions

The University of Utah:  Prof. Peter Alfeld:  information and applets on the Platonic solids

Dan Sewell Ward:  some nice information and graphics on the Platonic solids including history

Maurice Starck, The Polyhedral World: a beautifully designed site packed with information.

Whistler Alley Mathematics:  rigorous mathematics of formulas behind Platonic solids

wikipedia:  extensive information on the Platonic solids

WolframMathWorld:  extensive information and bibliography on the Platonic solids

Wolfram Polyhedron Explorer: an interactive polyhedron applet

Douglas Zongker:  templates for paper models of Platonic and Archimedean solids




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